Night of the Frozen Shadow Summary

Summary – Night of the Frozen Shadows
You journey to Kalsgard with Ameiko Kaijitsu and the caravan run by her former adventuring companion Sandru Vhiski. They seek to recover the sword Suishen and locate a guide who will be able to take them over the Crown of the World. Unfortunately, your actions in Brinewall have not gone unnoticed, and agents of the Five Storms are on the lookout for them. This becomes apparent when Linnorm Kingdoms vikings raid the caravan’s riverside camp one evening. The raiders themselves leave a clue, however, in that all wear similar gold armbands—a mark of their allegiance to a local Ulfen chief.

Upon arriving in Kalsgard, you begin searching for Suishen and the whereabouts of a guide named Ulf Gormundr. All clues point to a local chief named Asvig Longthews, who appears to have not only stolen the sword and sent the raiders to attack the you, but very possibly to have kidnapped the only available guide as well. A raid upon Asvig’s farm confirms these facts, but neither the sword nor Ulf Gormundr is found. Meanwhile, agents of the Frozen Shadows continue to harass you in the city. Further investigation leads you to the Rimerunners Guild, a front for the Frozen Shadows, prompting a breakin to obtain information about their illicit dealings. Eventually, you discover evidence that the Frozen Shadows operate out of their own fortified sanctuary, a remote hall called Ravenscraeg. The climax of the adventure occurs as you make an assault on Ravenscraeg to recover Suishen and rescue Ulf Gormundr. In doing so, you’ve managed to unmask the ogre mage Kimandatsu and have taken down the Frozen Shadows for good.

Once you rescued Ulf Gormundr, you are free to leave Ravenscraeg. If they have not yet located Suishen, Helgarval encourages them to continue searching the hall and dungeons until it is found. You kill Kimandatsu and her lieutenants. The power of the Frozen Shadows in Kalsgard is broken, at least for now.

You freed Lute Haggersly, he reveals the truth about Thorborg Silverskorr discovered in Ravenscraeg, which causes a major shake up in Kalsgard. Sveinn Blood-Eagle suspends the Rimerunners Guild’s operations and seizes all of its assets while investigations are conducted, and the Linnorm King immediately and publicly distances himself from his formerly cordial relations with Thorborg Silverskorr.

For their part in avenging his blood feud upon Asvig Longthews and Thorborg Silverskorr, Fynn Snaevald officially relinquishes ownership of Suishen to you as promised. In addition, he offers to invest up to 2,000 gp in Sandru’s caravan in exchange for a cut of any profits. You can spend this wealth on any improvements for the caravan, including new wagons, caravan equipment, or caravan hirelings, but you cannot use it to purchase personal equipment for themselves.

With Suishen in your possession, Yosuke learns much of the history of the Amatatsu family and the oni of the Five Storms, up to the time it was sold to Fynn Snaevald, including identifying both Kikonu and Kimandatsu as members of the Five Storms. Suishen fills you in on the background…

Hundreds of years ago in the distant land of Minkai, a powerful cabal of evil spirits known as oni emerged from the mysterious Forest of Spirits. Intent on seizing control of a land they felt they deserved to rule, these oni, known as the Five Storms, began a covert war against the five royal families of Minkai, for by obscure but nonetheless binding divine laws, only once all five families had been wiped out or controlled could the Five Storms take control. By 4652 ar, the Five Storms had come close to their goal. Yet when the oni turned their attention to this last family of nobles, the Amatatsus, they discovered that the family had fled Minkai over the Crown of the World, the inhospitable northern continent at Golarion’s north pole.

When the exiled Amatatsus emerged from the Crown of the World and staggered into the Linnorm Kingdom city of Kalsgard, their numbers had been reduced to a small fraction of a once-grand dynasty. Led by the youngest and only surviving son, Amatatsu Tsutoku, the exiles sold their legendary family sword Suishen to finance a stealthy integration into an alien society.

With Ulf Gormundr as a guide, you can begin planning for the journey over the Path of Aganhei and through the deadly morozko storms as you cross the Crown of the World on your way to Minkai.

Night of the Frozen Shadow Summary

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